⤑ legal name ronan petrov ⤑ nicknames ro, nanny ⤑ comicverse colossus ⤑ birthdate + age december 5, 1988 ⤑ hometown NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA ⤑ current residence boston, ma ⤑ occupation fine arts restorer ⤑ marital status single

ronan was the second son of nikolai and alexandra petrov and he came into the world silent and blue with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. he was disentangled and spanked until he screamed, pink rushing to displace the blue tinge to his skin. he was a good baby, and a good toddler. he had doting parents and an older brother who didn't mind him too much. he was quiet, preferring to sit and read or draw than run around the house crashing into things. he was also obedient and did whatever he could to please his parents.

in 1991, his little sister lilyana would join and complete their family of five. ronan was three and had no idea why this creature cried and woke him up in the middle of the night. but he was quick to rush to her crib and stick his chubby arm through the bars and soothe her until his mother arrived or she went back to sleep. he adored lily, so when she was kidnapped when he was nine years old, he took it hard. it was even worse because he couldn't be involved. every time he tried to eavesdrop on a conversation, he was shooed off to his room. in his opinion, it was too long before she was returned, but other than an absent memory, she seemed no worse for wear.

he doted on her and became an overprotective brother, watching her like a hawk and keeping his peripheral vision trained on their surroundings. it was almost a relief when their parents relocated them to the united states. ronan no longer had to worry about those same men coming after lily again. his father's security detail didn't hurt, either. ronan excelled through school and his talent for the arts shone through. luckily, with an older brother who seemed more adept at taking over the family business, the artistic son was left to hone his talents.

after he graduated from high school, he attended boston university, enrolling in their fine arts program. he earned a bachelors degree in the fine arts and took an internship at the met in new york city under a master art restorer. he studied under the man for five years before he was considered an art restorer in his own right.

during his time in new york, ronan met celeste. she was light and laughter, she was beauty and brains, she was the perfect woman. they dated for a few months before he asked her to move in and she agreed. they happily lived together and shared their lives, so after another three years together ronan thought the most logical step was to ask her to be his wife.

instead of acting overjoyed by the proposal, she told him she needed to think about it and when he came home from work the following monday, her things were gone. he was heartbroken and everything in the city reminded him of her. deciding that he needed a change of scenery and some familiarity, he decided to return to boston where he hopes to make a fresh start.

Growing up on his parents' farm, Piotr Rasputin saw his older brother Mikhail become a Cosmonaut. Mikhail was later discovered to be a latent mutant with energy warping powers, and to keep him secret the government faked his death. In later years, Piotr learned that he too was a mutant, and could transform his flesh into steel, but he was content to use his powers to help his fellow farmers. When a transformed Piotr rescued his sister Illyana from a runaway tractor, he was approached by Professor Charles Xavier, who was recruiting mutants for a new team of X-Men to help save his original students from the sentient island Krakoa. Dubbed Colossus by Xavier, Piotr reluctantly joined this new team, which freed the original X-Men and helped defeat Krakoa. After the battle, Piotr remained with the X-Men in America, though he found it difficult to adjust to living in a different culture.

When the X-Men visited the prehistoric Savage Land in Antarctica, Colossus saved some native women from a dinosaur. In return, the two surviving women, Nereel and Shakani, bade him join in a ritual to honor their fallen friend. Said ritual involved the creation of a new life, and though Piotr was initially reluctant, the two women persisted until he surrendered himself to their affections. Later, the X-Men were captured by the assassin Arcade, who brainwashed Colossus into believing he was the Proletarian, workers' hero of communist Russia, and turned him against his teammates. Colossus overcame this conditioning, and the X-Men soon faced the reality-manipulating mutant Proteus, who proved to be vulnerable to metal. Seizing upon this weakness, Colossus plunged his metal fists into the heart of Proteus' energy form, seemingly destroying him and taking Colossus' innocence along with him. Soon after, the X-Men recruited young mutant Kitty Pryde. Despite their initial shyness, a romance blossomed between her and Colossus. Later, Arcade's assistant Miss Locke kidnapped the X-Men's loved ones, including Illyana, to coerce the team into rescuing Arcade from the despotic Doctor Doom. The X-Men rescued them, and Illyana remained with her brother at Xavier's mansion. Eventually, Illyana was trapped in the demon-filled realm Limbo by its then-master, Belasco. She remained his captive for many years, though only moments had elapsed on Earth, and returned as the adolescent sorceress Magik.

Colossus and Kitty grew closer, finally admitting their feelings for one another. Colossus was among the X-Men forced by the godlike Beyonder to fight on his Battleworld. There, he fell in love with the healer Zsaji. After Colossus was killed by a cosmic-powered Doom, Zsaji gave her life to resurrect him. A heartbroken Colossus returned to Earth, ending his relationship with Kitty, though they remained friends. Colossus was later forced to take another life when the Marauders attacked the subterranean Morlocks. To save his teammate Nightcrawler, Colossus killed the Marauder Riptide; however, Riptide's attacks caused Colossus' bio-energy to leak from his metallic form like blood from a flesh wound. The X-Men's then-ally Magneto attempted to heal Colossus with his magnetic powers, but was only able to close the wounds, trapping Colossus in his metal state. Recuperating on Muir Isle, Colossus later rejoined the X-Men in opposing the mystic Adversary in Dallas. When the X-Men returned to the Savage Land after it had been razed by the giant alien Terminus, Colossus was reunited with Nereel. He met her son, Peter, unaware that the boy was the result of his earlier union with Nereel.(more)
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